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Physics communication, a MedPhys Slam and the future of high-energy physics

16 Aug 2018 Hamish Johnston

The effective communication of physics is the theme of this episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast, which kicks off with an interview with the particle physicist Helen Heath. Passionate about teaching, Heath speaks about her involvement with the Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching at the University of Bristol. She also talks about how to get more young people – and particularly young women – interested in physics and gives her take on the future of particle physics.

Next up are Physics World’s Tami Freeman and James Dacey who chat about the MedPhys Slam – an event that Freeman attended at the recent meeting of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine in Nashville, Tennessee. The competition invites PhD students, medical physics residents and postdoctoral researchers to describe their research project in a compelling and coherent manner – and do it in just three minutes. The goal is to help medical physicists develop strategies for communicating complex ideas to patients, their relatives as well as to other healthcare professionals.

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