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Physics-related festive jumpers and Mumbai’s plastic ban

20 Dec 2018 James Dacey

In this final Physics World Weekly of 2018, you can hear the story behind Physics World’s festive jumper competition (or Christmas sweaters if you prefer). Features editor Sarah Tesh is joined by our reviews and careers editor Tushna Commissariat to describe their geeky designs and provide inspiration for you to create your own.

Later in the podcast, multimedia editor James Dacey is in conversation with general physics editor Hamish Johnston about a new Physics World film examining the single-use plastics ban in Mumbai, India. Part of our Sustainable Futures collection, Mumbai’s Plastic Ban explores the motivations behind the ban – which came into effect in June – and the challenges of implementing the change.

Closing the episode, Hamish Johnston speaks about the accelerating growth of the quantum technologies sector. The quantum realm is explored in Physics World’s book of the year 2018 – Philip Ball’s Beyond Weird: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Quantum Physics is Different. That book is discussed along with loads of other festive reading suggestions in the December episode of our other podcast, Physics World Stories.

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