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Qblox presents Quantum Control Stacks at APS March Meeting 2022

05 May 2022 Sponsored by Qblox

This short video features Niels Bultink, co-founder and chief executive of Qblox, a start-up company based in Delft, Netherlands. Speaking at the 2022 March meeting of the American Physical Society in Chicago, Bultink outlines the benefits of Qblox’s control stacks – equipment that is used in quantum computing to generate control signals and interpret the results of algorithms.

As Bultink explains, experimentalists who wanted to build a control stack used to have to tie a lot of different pieces of equipment together with software and wires. “We can now do that with one integrated and modular solution, [which] allows researchers to focus again on the experiments they are doing.” Qblox’s control stacks have been used for everything from semiconductor circuits and quantum dots to NV centres and photonic systems.

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