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Start-up simulates quantum photonics devices, a physicist’s experience of the mental-health system

24 Feb 2022 Hamish Johnston

In this episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast, we speak to Mirella Koleva and Gaby Slavcheva, who are the co-founders of the UK-based company Quantopticon. The firm develops software for simulating quantum photonics devices and Koleva and Slavcheva explain why there is a need to understand the fundamental physics behind the devices that underpin the latest quantum technologies. They also talk about the importance of start-up accelerators for companies like Quantopticon.

Also in this episode, we hear from a physicist who has struggled within the mental health system. After a horrific reaction to a medication and multiple diagnoses that got him nowhere, Alexander Mendelsohn (not his real name) explains why he believes that the mental-health system operates in a bizarre, awful and unscientific way. He also explains why his physics background makes him wonder why more quantitative rigour is not used in treating mental illness.

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