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Everyday science

Talking about immigration with Nobel laureates in Lindau

27 Jun 2016 Hamish Johnston
Lakeside view: Lindau's harbour on Lake Constance

By Hamish Johnston at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany

I arrived in the German town of Lindau yesterday evening expecting it to be a sleepy little burg where I would struggle to find somewhere open to get a bite to eat. Instead I was greeted at the station by a cacophony of car horns and singing as Germany had just beat Slovakia and claimed its place in the next round of the Euro 2016 football tournament.

I’m here in the far south of Germany for the 66th Nobel Laureate Meeting. Tomorrow I will be hosting a “press talk” about how immigration continues to shape the scientific world. Last week’s momentous decision by the UK to leave the European Union is sure to come up in the panel discussion, which will include input from two chemistry Nobel laureates – Martin Karplus and Daniel Shechtman. I will also be joined on the panel by two early-career physicists: Winifred Ayinpogbilla Atiah from Ghana and Ana Isabel Maldonado Cid from Spain.

The press talk is inspired by two infographics that we created last year to show how physics Nobel laureates have moved around the globe. You can view the infographics here. There is more about the press talk in this press release.

It’s sure to be a lively and provocative discussion and I will share a few highlights later on today. In the meantime enjoy the photo that I took of Lindau’s harbour as the Sun was setting over Lake Constance.

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