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Everyday science

The LHC is coming to London

24 Apr 2013 James Dacey

By James Dacey

It may have become a household name in recent years, but for many the Large Hadron Collider is still a mysterious behemoth lurking somewhere beneath Switzerland. Or is it France?

A new exhibition will seek to bring the technology and the sense of scientific discovery of the LHC to those who have not made the trip to the facility itself. Collider: step inside the world’s greatest experiment will open on 13 November at the Science Museum in London, and run for six months.

The exhibition will “blend theatre, video and sound art”, as visitors can take a stroll around CERN’s Control Room and explore areas such as a huge detector cavern. Plans for the exhibition were unveiled today by the Science Museum, which has released these artist impressions of what to expect:

Artist's impression of LHC exhibition
The immersive detector experience (Courtesy: Science Museum/Nissen Richards Studio)
The LHC accelerator chain section of the exhibition (Courtesy: Science Museum/Nissen Richards Studio)
Artist's impression of the LHC tunnel section of the exhibition. C. 2013 Science Museum,Nissen Richards Studio
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