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Using social media to turn people on to physics, vacuum supplier sets science-based targets for greenhouse gas reductions

09 Jun 2022 Hamish Johnston

If we want more people to become interested in physics, sending out the wrong signals about the discipline on social media is the surest way to fail. In this episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast, Georgina Phillips of the Institute of Physics (IOP) explains the importance of social media in reaching groups of people who are under-represented in physics. She also talks about the IOP’s Limit Less campaign, which aims “to support young people to change the world and fulfil their potential by doing physics”.

Also in this episode is Sara Fry, who is head of safety health environment at Atlas Copco – Vacuum Technique, which owns the Edwards vacuum instrumentation brand. She explains why the company has set science-based targets to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions that are in line with the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change – and how the firm is meeting those goals. She also explains how the company is helping its customers to reduce their emissions.

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