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Quantum computing

Quantum computing

Zurich Instruments launch their SHF+ series platform for quantum computing technologies

17 May 2024 Sponsored by Zurich Instruments

Zurich Instruments launch their SHF+ product line to provide qubit control and read-out functionality for any chip size

In this short video, filmed at the 2024 March Meeting of the American Physical Society earlier this year, Vikrant Mahajan, president of Zurich Instruments USA, outlines the company’s new products to support scientists in quantum computing.

Mahajan explains how Zurich Instruments, which has more than 10 locations around the globe, wants to move quantum computing forward with its products, such as its newly released SHF+ series platform. “Our mission is to help build a practical quantum computer,” he says.

Moritz Kirste, head of business development quantum technologies, then describes the main features of the SHF+ product line, which are the building blocks for its quantum computing control systems. “It provides qubit control and read-out functionality of any chip size from one to hundreds of qubits,” he says.

Next up is Linsey Rodenbach, application scientist quantum technologies, who explains that the SHF+ offers better qubit performance metrics – and therefore higher algorithm fidelities. The new platform has lower noise, which means less measurement-induced dephasing, thereby boosting phase coherence between control pulses, especially for long-lived qubits.

As Rodenbach adds, the SHF+ provides a route for developing high quality qubits or when operating large quantum processing units, with Zurich Instruments partnering with some of the world’s leading labs to ensure that the technical specifcations of the SHF+ provide the desired performance benefits.

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