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Matin Durrani

I’m editor-in-chief of Physics World, where I help the editorial team to come up with brilliant, thoughtful, informative and entertaining articles and multimedia from every corner of physics and from all over the globe. Before moving into publishing, I studied chemical physics at the University of Bristol and went on to do a PhD and postdoc in polymer physics with Athene Donald at the University of Cambridge. These days I still enjoy covering practical, everyday physics of that kind and have a soft spot for science communication and the history of physics. I also like reporting on my various trips and visits around the world meeting all kinds of people in the physics community. Outside work, I’m busy thinking up a sequel to my popular-science book Furry Logic: the Physics of Animal Life, which I wrote with Liz Kalaugher, and also have an unhealthy interest in Birmingham City FC and the German language.

(Image courtesy Jo Hansford Photography)

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