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Tushna Commissariat

I am the reviews and careers editor of Physics World. I commission and write reviews for a wide range of popular-physics books, plays and films. As part of our careers section, I talk to people about their jobs and how they use their physics degrees for a variety of exciting roles. I also head up the Physics World Discovery ebooks programme, as well as the Physics World Careers yearbook. I graduated with a BSc in physics from St Xavier’s College, Mumbai, India, before completing a Master’s in science journalism at City University, London. I joined the Physics World team as a news reporter in 2011, and spent the next five years writing about everything from the oriental hornet to antimatter, though I particularly enjoy writing about cosmology and quantum mechanics. I began my reviews and careers role in 2016, and getting to read for a living is a wonderful thing. Outside work, my favourite pastimes include travelling, photography, science fiction and fantasy in all its forms, and spending a ridiculous amount of time on the Internet.

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Noel Bakhtian

Once a physicist: Noel Bakhtian

What sparked your initial interest in physics? In my first ever physics class, in high school, I loved learning that everyday concepts, such as velocity and acceleration, electricity and magnets, gravity, friction and sound, all had equations that described their behaviour. I loved the logic of it all and how physics and mathematics were really the […]

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