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Physics at work

Ordinary people, extraordinary careers

A background in physics can lead to a diverse range of careers in academia, industry or beyond. In popular culture, physicists are often portrayed as two-dimensional characters falling into tired stereotypes such as “genius”, “lovable dork” or “evil villain”. In reality, physicists are ordinary people who have the opportunity to pursue extraordinary careers. Physics should be open to all, but serious challenges still remain for individuals and groups, particularly around access and equality. This collection explores the colourful range of physics careers and the barriers that need to be removed.

Video showcase: physics graduates share their stories

Physics pathways: how science can shape your future

Physics World Careers 2018

Physics World Careers

The 2018 edition of Physics World Careers is packed full of advice for early career scientists. Including a range of valuable advice, informative case studies and recruiter profiles, it demonstrates the variety of jobs that use a physics degree.

Breaking down barriers: building a discipline for all

A thousand tiny cuts

Margaret Harris reports on how small, subtle and sometimes unintentional slights can create an unwelcoming environment for under-represented groups in physics

From Physics World magazine: a special issue on building a more inclusive discipline

Read the "Physics for all" special issue to find out how difficult it is to spot your unconscious bias, and identify strategies to detect and tackle “microaggressions”. An award-winning article also investigates what life is like for gender and/or sexual minorities at CERN, plus we provide advice on how to find an employer who understands the value of a diverse workforce.

The full issue is available to read via our digital app for phones, tablets and online browsers. You'll need to be a member of the Institute of Physics to access the issue. Anyone with an interest in physics can join the Institute.

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How to get ahead: advice from our experts

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Outside the research lab
Sharon Ann Holgate examines the diverse range of applications for physics outside of the scientific research environment. This first volume covers several different areas of arts and design, with experts in each area explaining how physics and technology impact their work.

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Entrepreneurship for scientists
Davide Ianuzzi offers a concise analysis of the key ingredients that enable physicists to successfully move their idea from university to market. It dives into a set of theories, models and tools that play fundamental roles in technology transfer, including trust, communication, and persuasion.

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Women and physics
Laura McCullough analyses the factors that affect the choices girls face in school, right through to the problems that women face as professional physicists. The book surveys the most current research as it tries to identify strategies and topics that have significant impact on women in science.

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