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Matin Durrani: April 2009 Archives


By Matin Durrani

When Tim Berners-Lee dreamt up the World Wide Web 20 years ago last month, the former physicist-turned-CERN-software-engineer could not possibly have envisaged what his invention would unleash - from iTunes to Google StreetView and from Spotify to Ebay.

There’s no way either that he could have ever envisaged the idea of Twitter — the website that invites people to answer the question “What are you doing?” in fewer than 156 characters.

Twitter’s been all the rage this year with everyone from BBC Radio Five Live presenter Richard Bacon to actor Stephen Fry signing up, boring everyone who chooses to “follow” their “twitterings” about their every move. Even Barack Obama is on Twitter, except that he doesn’t write his entries - he has minions to do it for him.

But whether Twitter turns out to be a short-lived phenomenon or something that proves truly durable and lasting, the fact is it’s here and we on Physics World couldn’t resist joining in. You can find us here

You’ll be delighted to hear though that we won’t be letting you know every time one of us goes to the kitchen to make tea or has another chew on one of the Physics World pens.

What we are doing though is letting you know via Twitter every time something new is posted on our site - be it  a news story, blog entry or longer feature.

So now you’ve got even less excuse not to keep coming back! Apparently you can even follow Twitter via your mobile phone.