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Multiphysics simulation – the new pacemaker of EM design 10 June 2009

Speaker: Dr Magnus Olsson, manager of COMSOL's computational electromagnetics development group
Moderator: Hamish Johnston, editor,

The breakthrough of multiphysics modeling techniques is widening the EM designer's scope to create new product concepts. Multiphysics empowers its users to be innovative in applications ranging from semiconductors to oil exploration. Sponsored by COMSOL, this webinar introduces you to applying multiphysics modeling techniques to EM analysis. We will guide you through several examples including:

  • a robustness study of a microwave filter exposed to mechanical loads;
  • cooling of electronics components through convection;
  • MEMS actuators;
  • electrophoresis in a microchannel system;
  • microwave cancer therapy.

Play Running time: 1 hr 4 mins

Multiphysics in fluid flow 31 March 2009

Speaker: Phil Byrne, District Sales Manager, COMSOL, Inc.
Moderator: Hamish Johnston, editor,

Multiphysics in fluid flow will introduce you to the state-of-the-art simulation environment to help you to increase process efficiency. This webinar is aimed at physicists and engineers who work with the research and development or design of industrial machinery, equipment or processes.

Whether or not you have used COMSOL products, this webinar will help you to:

  • learn how to make multiphysics couplings of fluid flow and other physics;
  • discover the modelling steps of building coupled models;
  • have your questions answered directly by COMSOL application engineers.

Play Running time: 36 mins

Multiphysics – a guided tour 17 September 2008

Speaker: David Kan, Branch Manager, COMSOL, Inc.
Moderator: Hamish Johnston, editor,

Learn how multiphysics simulations enable high-tech organizations to advance their product development beyond the ordinary. This webinar introduces you to a wide range of challenging design problems that can now be easily tackled by applying multiphysics modeling and simulation techniques.

A hands-on tutorial demonstrates the work-flow in the design of a MEMS device including the coupling of electromagnetic, structural mechanics, and heat transfer phenomena in the same simulation.

Play Running time: 45 mins