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News: February 2006

Artificial atoms amplify light

A new way to amplify light could make lasers more efficient

Physicists learn how to "teleclone"

It is possible to clone a quantum state and then send it to different destinations

Entanglement heats up

Physicists calculate that entanglement should be possible at any temperature

Three's company

New findings confirm that Pluto has three moons

Lab boss makes surprise exit

The director of the Brookhaven laboratory in the US quits just as physicists look forward to big funding rises

Astronomers find a mixed-up solar system

A solar system in the making could eventually contain planets orbiting in different directions

Physicists look at birdsong

A method that predicts the breathing patterns of canaries

New type of star discovered

Rotating neutron stars that emit irregular bursts of radiowaves could outnumber conventional pulsars

Nanotubes break superconducting record

Certain nanotubes lose all electrical resistance at temperatures of 12K

The importance of staying clean

Ultra-thin layers of silicon can conduct -- but only if clean

Great balls of lightning

Scientists make ball lightning in the lab for the first time

Calculating with Bose condensates

Condensates could be used to experimentally observe the roots of random polynomials

Theorists claim dark energy does not exist

A new model of gravity explains the acceleration of the universe without dark energy

Fluid lenses feel the pressure

Physicists develop a variable-focus lens that would be ideal for mobile-phone cameras and other devices

Quantum gravity for real

Theorists propose a concrete test for quantum gravity by measuring the properties of a dying star

And then there were ten?

New evidence gives added support for a tenth planet in our solar system