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News: March 2006

Galaxy simulation breaks new ground

Astronomers have performed one of the world's largest astrophysics calculations to date

Nanoscale boost for superwires

Short superconducting wires can carry large currents and work in strong magnetic fields

Nanoparticles join a new league

Algorithm gives clues to the 3D structures of tiny particles

Optical rotation sheds light on vacuum

Empty space can cause light to rotate in the presence of a large magnetic field

New look for comets

"Main-belt comets" may hold clues to the origins of Earth's oceans

Surface plasmons squeeze light

A new class of waveguide could overcome one of the biggest obstacles to photonic circuits

Incoherent boost for light surgery

Scientists have demonstrated a cheap alternative to laser surgery

Geomagnetic flip may not be random after all

Pole reversals reveal "memory" of previous events

New direction for cosmic radiation

WMAP has released its latest view of the radiation left over from the Big Bang

Hurricane intensity linked to warmer oceans

Higher sea surface temperatures could be responsible for the big rise in the strength of hurricanes

Bosons form quantum threesome

Physicists have confirmed a rare prediction of a three-body "Efimov" state

Barrow lifts religion prize

Cambridge cosmologist scoops £795,000 Templeton prize

Mars mission passes key test

A powerful new probe to study the history of Martian water has begun to orbit the Red Planet

Tiny motor turns giant rods

New nanoscale motor can rotate objects 10,000 times its own size

Inner-ear mystery solved

The cochlea looks like a spiral so we can hear low-frequency sounds better

How to calculate hardness

New calculations could consign the "diamond test" to history

The oldest explosion in the universe

Astronomers have found a gamma-ray burst that took place 12.8 billion years ago

Antiproton co-discoverer dies

Owen Chamberlain passes away in Berkeley at the age of 85

Towards entangled-photon LEDs

Quantum dots emit entangled photons with vastly improved efficiency

Keeping cool with oxide films

Scientists discover an effective form of cooling using electric fields

Milky Way X-ray mystery solved

Millions of stars could be the cause of the X-rays bathing the Milky Way

Retrieving data from a black hole

US theorist suggests black holes could behave as quantum computers