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Learn about a new, unique THz-frequency probe arm option for cryogenic probe stations. The solution enables precise probing of millimetre-wave devices at 75–110 GHz or 140–220 GHz frequencies, allowing calibrated S-parameter and other high-frequency measurements to be performed as a function of low temperature and magnetic field.

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News: December 2007

US physics suffers budget setbacks

Fermilab hit hard as it lays-off 10% of staff

The best of 2007

Monthly highlights from the year in physics

Superexchange spotted in optical lattice

Ultracold atoms engage in virtual hopping

Cosmology hub launches in the UK

Statue of Stephen Hawking unveiled at Cambridge opening

Ampere could be defined one electron at a time

Device could close the quantum metrological triangle

Conduction seen in DNA backbone

Breakthrough could lead to DNA electronics

Photonic crystal bends light round corners

Waveguide manipulates photons in 3D

Compact synchrotron is unveiled

Plasma wakefield accelerator is for the lab

Noise might cause huge ocean waves

Similar big waves seen in noisy optical system

CERN reveals next director general

Rolf-Dieter Heuer takes “best job” in physics research

Light is stored as sound

Simple technique could boost optical telecoms

Reactor shutdown delays medical procedures

Canadian government overrules regulator to avert isotope shortage

Tony Bland: 1958–2007

Spintronics pioneer dies

UK pulls out of plans for ILC

Funding crisis rocks UK physics and astronomy

Largest ever telescope gets $200m to proceed

Intel founder Gordon Moore donates cash for Thirty Metre Telescope

Microscope reveals spins on the move

Nuclear spin diffusion is imaged for the first time

US centre tackles the big questions

Nobel physics laureate endows most of his prize

Mission illuminates solar mysteries

Sun swarms with magnetic waves

Tiny sphere detects bacteria

Device puts organisms in a spin

‘Dark stars’ may have populated early universe

Dark matter could have delayed the onset of fusion in first stars

Tuneable gap semiconductor is a first

Applied voltage causes graphene to acquire a gap

Venus flytrap inspires adaptive optics

Material could makes lens that changes in focal length

Wet sand flows better than dry

Water acts as both glue and lubricant