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News: January 2007

Ultrafast probe uses femtosecond electron pulses

New pulsed source for electron microscopy

Maxwell's demon tamed

Information ratchet drives particles away from equilibrium

Computer chips cut energy consumption

Manufacturers announce breakthrough dielectric

Graphene resonator is one atom thick

Physicists beat world’s thinnest drum skin

Lensless x-ray microscope focuses on biological samples

Overlapping diffraction patterns provide almost instantaneous images

"Crowd turbulence" has deadly consequences

Physicists help Saudi authorities prevent Hajj disasters

Another new twist on the Hanbury Brown-Twiss effect

Hanbury Brown-Twiss effect seen in fermions and bosons

Refrigerator cools one electron at a time

Single-electron tunnelling boosts cooling efficiency

Caesium slows down optical image

Principle could be used in an all-optical buffer

Synchrotron accelerates neutral molecules

Device could pave the way to molecular wave mechanics

Nanopolymers make their debut

Metallic nanoparticles join together in long chains

Tropical beetle has the brightest whites

Irregular structure the key to insect's brilliance

Molecule carrier is on the straight and narrow

Carbon dioxide is delivered with nanoscale precision

Neutrino detector is compact yet sensitive

Detector to hunt down weapons-grade material

COROT sees first light

Space telescope begins search for exoplanets

Pendulum swings away from dark energy

Torsion-balance finds no evidence of new gravitational force

Photonic Schroedinger cat breaks record

Physicists entangle six photons in graph state

GEANT4 helps hadrons destroy tumours

Particle-physics software improves cancer therapy

Giant-magnetoresistance pioneers win Wolf prize

Award recognizes discovery that led to spintronics

Sound breaks the light barrier

"Superluminal" sound emerges from split-path waveguide

Climate-change breaks records in Prague, not Philadelphia

Are record-breaking daily high temperatures linked to global warming?

Light squeezes through nano coax

Nanotube-based cable pushes the limits of optics

NMR finds holes in nuclear waste storage

Physicists understand alpha-particle damage at the atomic scale

May the best man win

Statistics points to better champions

Dark-matter map points to galaxy formation

Astronomers unveil huge survey of dark matter in the Universe

Lakes of methane spotted on Titan

"Methane cycle" revealed using Cassini probe data

Physicists make religion crystal clear

Growth of a religion is similar to crystalline nucleation