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News: October 2007

Scanning tunnelling microscope runs faster

New RF circuit boosts bandwidth

Negative-index material modulates light

Optical modulator could soon break speed record

Bullets bounce off nanotubes

Carbon fibres deflect the blow

Did the early universe have "texture"?

Cold spot could shed light on unification

New supersolid signature sighted

Peak in specific heat confirms phase transition

Nanoantenna focuses laser light

New technology could improve microscope resolution

China launches mission to the Moon

First steps taken towards a lunar landing

Electrons timed with attosecond accuracy

Bound electrons lag behind

Unravelling the mysteries of coiling ropes

Experiment reveals complex behaviour

New isotopes push out the drip-line

Heaviest magnesium and aluminium isotopes found to date

Semiconductor bends light "wrong" way

New NIM is easy to make

Light snakes across tiny gaps

Simulations provide new insight into evanescence

"Spookytechnology" anyone?

Physicist proposes a new name for quantum technologies

Capacitance sheds light on complex flows

New sensor peers into pipelines

Work begins on Chinese-US neutrino experiment

New facility will measure mixing angle

Friends, not policies, win elections

“Word of mouth” woes voters, say physicists

Laser reveals new type of magnetic ordering

“Ferrotoroidicity” could be exploited for hardy data storage

Stern-Gerlach effect goes chiral

Left and right-handed molecules part company

CERN boss quashes LHC delay rumours

Accelerator still on track for May 2008 start up

Nobel prize recognizes GMR pioneers

Albert Fert and Peter Grünberg scoop physics prize

Wrinkle researchers bag physics Ig Nobel

Team honoured for studies of drapes and tablecloths

Particle-physics detector warms to forest fires

UV light detector is a thousand times more sensitive than rivals

Artificial-atom laser debuts

Superconducting island spawns microwaves

World celebrates half a century in space

Russia’s Sputnik 1 launched 50 years ago on this day

Carbon-doped magnetic semiconductor is a first

Magnetism endures above room temperature

Anton Zeilinger scoops first Isaac Newton medal

Entanglement guru honoured by Institute of Physics

Josephson effect seen in atomic gas

System could be used to make rotation sensor

ILC names research director

Sakue Yamada will lead detector development