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News: February 2007

Microscope "fingerprints" atoms

Atomic force microscope benefits from sensitive calibration

Quantized magnetoresistance observed for the first time

Resistance changes in steps

European Research Council launched today

Scientists set to get their hands on extra Euro 7.5bn

Limits set on size of dark matter clumps

Supernovae data favour "WIMPs"

"Chemical origami" shrinks 2D discs into 3D objects

Technique could create prototypes in engineering

Islamic 'quasicrystals' predate Penrose tiles

Medieval mathematicians 500 years ahead of the West, claim physicists

Magnetic fields put the heat on neutron stars

Heating observed at relatively low field strengths

Magnet misbehaves near absolute zero

Quantum phase transition defies conventional classification

Bacterium battles against the current

Unusual ability could help spread infection

Photons denied a glimpse of their observer

Wheeler's delayed-choice thought experiment realized

Ocean waves keep Earth humming

Wave interaction exerts pressure on the continental shelf

Firm claims first "commercial" quantum computer

16-qubit device sparks controversy

Plasma wakefield "turbocharges" particle accelerator

SLAC's energy doubled within a metre

Extra dimensions could leave trace in Big Bang's aftermath

Shape of dimensions could affect observations by WMAP and Planck

New particle resolves erratic sightings of axions

Dark matter particle can't emerge from the Sun's heat, claim physicists

Multibillion-dollar collider plans unveiled

Physicists estimate that the International Linear Collider will cost at least $6.5bn

Bubbles compute in logical devices

Microfluidics merges chemistry and computation

A moon that puts a shine on its neighbours

Eruptions "sandblast" nearby satellites of Saturn

Storing light here -- and retrieving it there

Physicists demonstrate quantum indistinguishability using ultracold atoms

Diamond light source ready for business

UK synchrotron opens its doors to users

Molecules self-assemble into stripes

Simple technique allows electrons to be confined on surfaces

Tiny mass detectors come out of the cold

100 zeptogram resolution achieved at room temperature and atmospheric pressure

Mankind to blame for global warming says IPCC

UN panel backs science of climate change with "very high confidence"

Strongly interacting Fermi condensates are put on trial

Monte Carlo simulations best describe BEC-BCS crossover

Two-photon emission seen in semiconductor

Quantum wells could deliver entangled photon pairs