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News: March 2007

Large Hadron Collider faces delay

Failure of key superconducting magnets puts 2007 opening of CERN accelerator in doubt

Nanotubes chill chips

Carbon fins are lighter and stronger than copper

Quasicrystals are selective with terahertz light

Irregularly-spaced holes let through more light than you'd expect

Quantum lottery is your best bet

In the quantum world everyone could be a winner, says physics student

Polariton laser reaches room temperature

Quasiparticles could lead to low-power lasers

Probe seeks changes in fine-structure constant

Microwaves illuminate atomic transitions from the dark ages

Magnifying superlenses show more detail than before

Designs could make the optical imaging of DNA molecules possible

Spins take their time to relax

Organic nanowire "spin valves" could be ideal for use in spintronic devices

Physicists control light at the nanoscale

Polarization pulse shaper directs laser

Hospital scanners could control cell-sized medical devices

Physicists remotely control metal beads in blood vessels

Double-negative metamaterial edges towards the visible

Fishnet structure gives negative permeability

Experiment sets the ultimate test for Newton's laws

Rare opportunity could give evidence against dark matter

Nanowires could boost memory density

Spin pulses move domain walls

Geophysicists offer explanation for Andes formation

3D simulation unveils mystery of the mountain range

Physicists watch the "birth, life and death of a photon"

Single photon observed hundreds of times without being destroyed

"Thermal runaway" weakens even the best crystals

80-year-old theory may not set maximum strength after all

Molten sodium mimics Earth's magnetic-field flipping

Physicists witness magnetic reversal for first time in the lab

Gamma-ray observatory takes share of Descartes prize

European Union rewards outstanding science

Sunlight puts asteroids in a spin

Astronomers find evidence linking sunlight to how fast asteroids rotate

Fermilab data hint at Higgs boson

Particle fits in to "supersymmetric" standard model

Model puts new spin on hurricane prediction

High-resolution data explain curious "eyewall replacement"

Nanorods make "ideal" anti-reflection coatings

Material first thin optical film with refractive index close to air

When graphene meets negative refraction

Researchers think that graphene could be used to make a tiny electron lens