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News: April 2007

Optical lattices could give insight into QCD

Physicists find analogy between cold atoms and quarks

MRI resolution reaches 90 nm

Magnetic tip focuses on just 1200 atoms

New lower limit set for Newton’s law

Pendulum swings to dark matter

Twin spacecraft take first 3D images of the Sun

Satellites could help protect telecoms networks

Fibonacci spirals in nature could be stress-related

Spiral's formation is related to J J Thomson problem, say physicists

Perturbative QCD fails for Compton scattering

Handbag dominates in the few-GeV range

Quantum physics says goodbye to reality

Reality is in the eye of the observer, experiment reveals

Microscope could scan optical lattices

Hovering ion may deliver nanometre resolution

Black-hole eclipse sizes up X-ray source

Passing cloud lends a hand

Gravity Probe B backs general relativity

Satellite may not deliver on accuracy, claim critics

Photosynthesis takes a leaf out of the quantum book

Reaction "samples" different routes for high efficiency

Evidence mounts for Bose glass

New state of matter glimpsed in ultracold atoms

MiniBooNE rules out new kind of neutrino

Fermilab neutrino-oscillation experiments casts doubt on "sterile" neutrinos

Mild forecast for next solar cycle

New model rules out previous prediction that next cycle will be strong

Buffer boosts optical integration

Infrared light propagates over silicon substrate

Spins turn light off

A new spin on plasmonics

Relativity trick slashes computing times

Physicist finds a relativistic short cut

Electron tunnelling seen in real time

Quantum-mechanical process caught in the act

Angling for the best knot

Putting a new twist on fishing knots

Physicists take a crack at rocks

Shattered stones reveal universality