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News: June 2007

Astrophysicists draw up wish list

Roadmap charts European funding of large experiments

Graphene p-n junction is unveiled

Device could be important step towards carbon transistors

Nanowires to probe biological samples

Microscopic technique works in warm, wet conditions

Two relativity tests are better than one

Lorentz invariance disentangled in Europe and Australia

Big stars have weather too

"Clouds" of mercury could explain why big stars have surface structure

LHC will switch on in May 2008, says CERN

Full-energy collisions to begin in summer next year

Telescope limitation could reveal exoplanets

"Spectral deconvolution" is 100 times more sensitive than current techniques

Single atom entangles two photons

Process could aid quantum computing

Laser technique could help redefine the kelvin

New method hones in on Boltzmann constant

Fundamental constant is pretty much constant

Proton-to-electron mass ratio unlikely to have changed over time, say Australian physicists

Single crystals go supersolid

Evidence for supersolidity in single crystals puts theorists back in the dark

The hunt for unparticles is on

US physicist says other "stuff" could fill the universe in addition to particles

Director quits Canadian theory institute

Howard Burton leaves Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Tiny spheres could control light

Calculations may lead to new sources of coherent light

NMR gets seriously small

Spinning coil probes nanolitre solids

Wireless power a reality

US team power a 60-W bulb using a remote electricity source

Casimir force learns to swim

Quantum attraction between mirrors also exists in fluids

LHC to skip low-energy test runs

Magnet failure forces schedule change

European X-ray laser gets the go ahead

Funding in place for construction to start early next year

Big particles are secret to crack-free paint

Physicists discover why some paints crack when they dry