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News: August 2007

Superlens avoids absorption

"Electromagnetically induced chirality" could make optical superlenses practical

Chinese law to promote honest research

Amendment will prevent “failed” research from influencing funding

IBM targets single-atom data storage

Big Blue unveils tiny technologies

Warm ice could improve medical implants

Simulations suggest ice forms on modified diamond at body temperature

Physicist models Spiderman suit

Web of nanotubes could capture villains

Polaron melting heralds colossal resistance

Role of electron-phonon interactions is revealed

Modified gravity fails at long distances

Only short-range modifications to Newton’s law fit planetary orbit data

Team claims first silicon spinFET

Field-effect transistor switches spins

Ralph Alpher: 1921 - 2007

Forgotten father of Big Bang dies

Light collapses step-by-step

Subtle technique could help explain measurement in quantum mechanics

Ionic winds could chill computers

Coronal discharge enhances fan cooling

Physicists hit the rippled road

No easy way to avoid washboards

‘Cosmic train wreck’ stumps dark-matter physicists

Localized “core” of dark matter is unusual in a galaxy cluster merger

Helices swirl in space-dust simulations

Plasmas put a new twist on life

Opaque lens focuses light

Physicists turn scattering of light into a beneficial effect

Nanotubes guide phonons with ease

Heat could be used to transmit data

Interferometry images living cells in 3D

Biological samples can be seen in their native state

Physicists minimize 'sticky friction' in tiny machines

Discovery could help to increase reliability of small mechanical systems

X-ray holography breaks the femtosecond barrier

New technique could allow atomic processes to be studied in real time

Dirac medal honours charm-quark physicists

Jean Iliopoulos and Luciano Maiani each win $5,000

Phoenix blasts off to Mars

NASA mission will examine ice on the red planet

Laser flips magnetic bit without any help

External field not needed to write data

Atoms store 2D images for record time

Laser conjures up ghostly numbers

Wrinkles winkle out film thickness

Film properties measured with ease

New statistical analysis confirms human role in climate change

Physicist rules out variations in solar activity

Labyrinths appear in bead mixtures

Fingers of air carve maze-like patterns