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News: October 2008

Condensed-matter physicist to head DESY

Accelerator lab chooses nanostructure expert as new director

Memristors model primitive learning

An amoeba’s ability to learn can be simulated using an electronic circuit

Optical textile tests MRI patients from afar

Invention will allow medical staff to keep an eye on children undergoing scans

Solar activity could dictate river flow

Sunspot counting could help predict future floods

'Nanoshuttle' gives electrons a ride

Tiny gold ball moves just a few electrons at a time

Graphene could accelerate genomics

Tiny gaps in carbon sheets could be used to sequence DNA, says physicist

Galaxy survey casts doubt on cold dark matter

Are galaxies simpler than we thought?

Spin segregation puzzles physicists

'Up' and 'down' spins in ultracold Fermi gas stay apart longer than expected

Sticky tape takes X-ray images

Intense nanosecond bursts of X-rays created by peeling adhesive tape

Party time at CERN

Despite magnet problems, the grand launch of the LHC goes ahead - complete with a 16,000 dish 'physics buffet'

India launches first lunar mission

Craft to provide 'mineralogical' map of the Moon

Physicists get closer to metallic hydrogen

Silane structure calculation an important step in quest for 'holy grail' of high-pressure physics

IBEX blasts off to map edge of the solar system

NASA spacecraft will tell us how the solar wind interacts with the interstellar medium

LHC report confirms electrical fault

Machine engineers expect to begin lifting out magnets for repairs in the next few weeks

Doppler shift reveals spin currents

Physicists invent 'speed camera' for spintronics

Detector has an ear for dark matter

Acoustic breakthrough could help find WIMPs

Metamaterials boost MRI sensitivity

Technique can probe around twice the depth, say researchers

Physicists set new entanglement record

Ten qubits hyper entangle in Schroedinger’s cat state

Interface superconductor turns up the heat

High-temperature superconductivity seen in ultrathin films for first time

Physicists pull off the gecko's feat

Nanotube material is 10 times stickier than the lizard

Quantum encryption sets speed record

Record bit rate heralds quantum security across communication networks

'Stamp' method brings bendy, transparent solar cells

US researchers create start-up firm to commercialize their concept

Simple temperature change creates spin current

New source of spin-polarized electrons could 'revolutionize' spintronics research

Europe moves forward with laser-fusion plans

HiPER project enters 'preparatory phase'

Particle physicists pick up Nobel prize

Three researchers share SEK10m prize for work on symmetry breaking and quarks

'Viscous shear' wears down sound waves

Honeycomb material offers new way of silencing aircraft

Scientists solve fluid puzzle

Understanding of how air flow separates could improve vehicle efficiency

UK physics ‘damaged’ by £80m funding shortfall

Wakeham review criticizes communication between leading UK research council and physics community

The mystery of the varying nuclear decay

Two researchers in the US are making the bold claim that nuclear decay rates are not constant, as is widely thought

Invisibility cloak for water waves

Device could shield objects from tsunamis and other harmful waves

NMR reaches the nanoscale

Diamond defects 'feel' tiny magnetic fields

Sound technique to unplug oil

Using pressure pulses to locate pipe blockages could save oil companies millions

Improving measurements of space and time

Squeezing light to the standard quantum limit