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Exploring flatlands: characterizing 2D materials with atomic force microscopy

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Watch the video about new electromagnet-based VSMs

Lake Shore Cryotronics

Learn about the 8600 Series VSMs, which combine high sensitivity, rapid measurement speed and simple operation in a system capable of characterizing a broad range of materials with unprecedented ease – particularly when performing FORC measurements or measuring low-moment materials.

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News: February 2008

A brief history of Hawking

Michael Banks reviews the latest TV documentary

UK makes U-turn on Gemini funding

Telescopes secured for UK astronomers

Protons bring fusion into view

New technique reveals complex magnetic fields

Glassy metals are tougher than steel

Materials could be used in aerospace engineering

Graphene continues to amaze

Carbon sheets are best at conducting heat

Feeling the force on a single atom

Microscope measures force needed to move one atom

Earth is doomed (in 5 billion years)

A red-giant Sun will swallow-up Earth

Panel picked to review UK physics

Eight physicists chosen to examine facilities

US missile strikes stricken satellite

Critics say strike is showcase for missile-defence system

Scientists probe fireballs with X-rays

Experimental evidence suggests ball lightning consists of nanoparticles

Researchers create 'self-healing' rubber

New material stretches the imagination

Vector inflation points the way

New model sheds light on universe’s near-smoothness

Optical lattice beats atomic-clock accuracy

Neutral atoms surpass caesium fountain

Bubble chamber puts new constraints on WIMPs

Experiment questions earlier sighting of dark matter

Antineutrinos sniff out signs of nuclear-bomb making

New detectors may help monitor power plants

Siblings of Jupiter and Saturn discovered

Astronomers find "scaled-down" version of our solar system

Napoleon not murdered, say physicists

Analysis of emperor’s hair rules out malicious poisoning

Fibres could generate electricity from body motion

Wearable nanowires may recharge your phone

Theorists weigh up new route to neutrino mass

Magnetic measurement will be tricky to make

Firms call for support of 'nanophotonics' R&D in Europe

Quantum-dot fabrication must be improved, says industry group

Seeing the hidden fresco

Terahertz radiation can see through walls

Secret of sandcastle building revealed

Water bridges the gap between grains

Knee brace harvests 'negative work'

Leisurely stroll could charge your mobile phone

Columbus module heads to the space station

Lab will carry out a wide range of reduced gravity experiments

UK confirms withdrawal from ILC

Funding agency pulls out but promises to consult community

Cooled material stretches beyond belief

Silver compound has record negative thermal expansion

Putting the squeeze on quantum noise

Laser technique could help search for gravitational waves

Dynamic holograms grow up

10 cm display can show a different image every few minutes

Dark matter may not be so dark

Magnetic moments could reveal elusive particles

Physicists get to the bottom of volcano hotspots

Mantle plumes rise to the occasion