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News: March 2008

Physicists discover the 'superinsulator'

Material found to have infinite resistance could be exploited to make “ideal” batteries

Physicists find new material for storing hydrogen

Storage target for fuel-cell cars beaten by factor of two

LHC set for July start up

Behind schedule again, but excitement is brewing at CERN for the forthcoming particle accelerator

Quantum logic gate is miniaturized

Researchers convert single-photon controlled-NOT gate from lab-bench experiment to single-chip device

NASA science director quits

Alan Stern gives no reason for leaving role

Graphene makes for better optical displays

2D carbon material has a transparency that trumps conventional LCD electrodes

Putting a new spin on nanotubes

Spin-orbit coupling surprises physicists

Entangled photons could sharpen your view

Quantum illumination could see through noise

Nanocrystals could help recover waste heat

Thermoelectric improvement took 50 years

Iconic UK telescope faces closure

Last chance to comment on fate of Jodrell Bank

Mesons could offer new clue in antimatter mystery

Differing decay rates may point to 'new physics'

Single photons make the trek from space

Quantum communications via satellite might soon be feasible

Iron-based high-Tc superconductor is a first

Material could shed new light on superconductivity

Arthur C Clarke dies at 90

Veteran of science fiction also remembered for scientific foresight

Supersymmetry could be seen in ultracold atoms

Goldstino signature should stand out

Alpha Centauri might harbour an ‘Earth’

Astronomers set to begin five-year search

Free-electron laser benefits from 'seed' light

Technique produces shortest wavelengths for a FEL

Templeton Prize again goes to physicist

Polish priest Michael Heller scoops spiritual award

WMAP gives thumbs-up to cosmological model

Five-year data reveal a cosmic neutrino background

Doubt cast on liquid water on Mars

2006 images were probably of a small landslide, say researchers

New optical clock promises increased accuracy

Researchers find the fine structure constant is not changing

Physicist wins by-election for US Congress

Ex-Fermilab researcher becomes Democratic congressman

Artificial black hole created in lab

Opportunity to detect much-sought Hawking radiation

Nanotubes measure DNA conductivity

Tiny structural changes boost resistance

Gravity-test constrains new forces

String theory loses some ‘wiggle-room’

Entangled memory is a first

Quantum states revived from atomic gas

Squeezed electrons shed light on silicon

Quantum confinement and defects both shine in nanocrystals

Physicists roll out nanotube paper

Flattened arrays make superior supercapacitors