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Editor's choice

Jan 19, 2014

A special free-to-read digital edition containing 10 of our very best feature articles on the science and applications of light

News: April 2008

Dawn of the memristor

There is a fourth standard circuit element in addition to resistors, capacitors and inductors

Report slams UK's leading physics funding agency

MPs call for major shake-up at the Science and Technology Facilities Council

Physicists quantify the 'coefficient of inefficiency'

The most effective committees have fewer than 20 members

Synchrotron proves Europeans were not the first painters to use oils

Scientists find Afghan oil paintings that date back hundreds of years before the Renaissance

'Buckypaper' stretches in a strange way

Material’s response to stretching can be finely-tuned by mixing different carbon nanotubes

Phonons fail to explain high-temperature superconductivity

Electron–phonon interactions can only account for a fraction of superconducting behaviour

Astronomers get clear view of blazar

Black-hole powered jets are created by twisting magnetic fields that drive particles from galactic cores

Dark matter claims disputed

Flashes of light seen at the DAMA experiment in Italy are not necessarily WIMPs, say physicists

Graphene transistors cut from ribbons into dots

Transistors made from graphene quantum dots show promise as the next generation of electronics

Quasar tests general relativity to the limit

Researchers also claim first hard evidence for black holes

US renews call for science debate

Pressure group sends out new invitations for presidential candidates to discuss science

John Wheeler: 1911-2008

Giant of physics who gave black holes their name dies at 96

Astronomers pinpoint source of slow solar wind

Colliding magnetic fields believed to eject particles from the Sun

'Racetrack' memory demonstrated

Cheaper, faster data storage could be around the corner

Prototype gravitational-wave detector uses squeezed light

Use of quantum enhancement is a first

Nanotube ‘monorail’ moves cargo

Phonon propulsion puzzles physicists

Global spending on space increases

Report shows that last year’s spending up 11% on 2006

Peer review informed ILC pull-out

UK government insists that withdrawal from the International Linear Collider was based on peer review

Testing quantum gravity at the LHC

If extra dimensions exist, quantum gravity could alter the rate of well-known reactions

Sweat glands are tiny antennas

Radiation reflected by the skin could potentially reveal a person’s emotional state

New probe measures magnetic fields inside solids

Spin-polarized neutrons produce 3D images

Neutron detector to sniff out explosives

New device could identify illegal substances inside vehicles

Cuts threaten UK role at LHC

UK researchers call for continued full participation in LHCb and ALICE experiments

Do cosmic rays cause climate change?

Physicists put controversial hypothesis under further scrutiny