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In this video you will learn how to create POSCAR files in Virtual NanoLab and how to create input files for VASP calculations using the VASP Scripter of Virtual NanoLab.

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News: January 2009

Graphane makes its debut

Graphene's insulator cousin could store hydrogen fuel

Japanese mega-lab nears completion

Protons accelerated to 30 GeV at J-PARC

Can geoengineering cool the climate?

Physicists scrutinize climate intervention

Plot thickens for iron-arsenide superconductors

Physicists question 2D nature of high-temperature superconductivity

China builds super-sized radio telescope

Giant dish will look for pulsars beyond the Milky Way

Chilly solution to neutrino mass problem

Ultracold atoms could be used to measure the mass of the neutrino

China to lure more scientists from abroad

New drive to boost Chinese science

Muons reveal upper atmosphere's temperature

Freak warming detected from deep underground

Atoms teleport information over long distance

New approach extends range of atomic teleportation

Chu sworn in as DOE head

Nobel-prize winner in Obama's cabinet

Micromotor could navigate human bloodstream

Piezoelectric-powered robots could help unblock arteries

Quantum-dot device detects DNA

New sensor could be used to detect disease

Nanowires are guided around chips

DNA coating offers a route to self-assembled circuits

Broadband invisibility cloak unveiled

New device conceals objects over 4 GHz frequency range

How massive stars form

Big stars, like small ones, can form by accretion after all

Sand pushes Martian rocks into place

The curious distribution of rocks has a simple explanation, say geophysicists

Construction set to start on $900m light source

More than 2000 scientists per year will use new Brookhaven facility

Unification could be ripe for the picking

'Falling apples' may reveal new physics

Experiment resolves century-old optics mystery

Minkowski proved wrong about momentum of light

Iron-based superconductors really are different

Energy gap measurements suggest a new mechanism for superconductivity

Stars born into Milky Way’s violent centre

Protostars prove that stars can form near a supermassive black hole

Casimir effect goes negative

Bizarre vacuum force is repulsive, as well as attractive

Magnetic fields could reveal exoplanets

Astrophysicists propose new way of viewing the heavens

Graphene transistor speeds up

Devices based on ‘wonder material’ could soon catch-up with silicon