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News: October 2009

Dark-matter paper raises questions over data sharing

Is it unfair that NASA data are immediately made available to all?

Helium atoms get the ride of their life

'Ponderomotive' forces could boost surface science

Special relativity passes key test

Lorentz invariance holds at the Planck length

'High-payoff' energy research receives US cash boost

Department of Energy funds 37 projects worth a total of $150m

Plasmons shine a light on catalysis

New optical technique can examine catalysts under "real-life" conditions

Laser recreates X-rays emitted by a black hole

Lab-based experiment could further our understanding of black holes and neutron stars

Bacteria power micro-ratchet

The chaotic motion of bacteria can rotate a tiny cog wheel

'Mini lasers' illuminate dark molecules

Microscopy technique shines a new light

String theorist takes over from Hawking

Michael Green unveiled as Cambridge University's next Lucasian Professor of Mathematics

Electrons reveal DNA without destroying it

Holography uncovers individual biomolecules

Canadian theory institute honours Stephen Hawking

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics names new building after the Cambridge physicist

Enter the yoctosecond

Particle collisions could yield ultrashort light pulses

Chemical signature could help locate Earth-like planets

Planet formation could have affected Sun's composition

IBEX spies a ribbon at the edge of the solar system

First all-sky maps confound astrophysicists

Charges band together in graphene

"Wonder material" exhibits collective behaviour

‘Magnetic charge’ measured in spin ice

Physicists get a closer look at monopole currents

Entangled electrons do the splits

Superconducting 'Y' junction could enable solid-state tests of non-locality

Electrons flow forever in metal rings

Curious quantum effect is verified

Nanopores sequence DNA

New technique could detect markers for genetically inherited diseases

Microwaves live on the edge

Eliminating backscatter could boost optical communications

Water-seeking rocket smashes into the Moon

NASA's LCROSS mission will return data 'within hours'

Physicists pin down graphite's magnetism

Answer lies in defects between layers

Chaos spotted in quantum 'kicked top'

It's like the butterfly effect, but in a quantum system

Deep-sea communication with neutrinos

Particles could carry messages to nuclear subs, says physicist

Propelling bacteria ease liquid flow

Synchronized swimming of bacteria reduces the viscosity of fluid

Physicist shares Nobel Prize for Chemistry

X-ray crystallography breakthrough awarded with Nobel prize

Optics pioneers scoop Nobel prize

Trio share SEK10m prize for their work on fibre optics and charge-coupled devices

Earth's 'hum' reveals hidden depths

Exploring the mantle through the interaction of Earth and the atmosphere

Developing-world research hub unveils new director

Costa Rica-born physicist to head the International Centre for Theoretical Physics

'Supermicroscope' shrunk down to lab-size

Laser-generated X-rays could blast away synchrotron facilities, claim researchers

Fixing bones with dissolvable glass

Magnesium alloy could speed up bone repair

Scheme removes entropy from ultracold atoms

Transferring entropy from one gas to another should allow study of new quantum systems