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News: February 2009

Quantum dots boost solar cell efficiencies

Hybrid devices could lower cost of solar power

Microscope sees the Fermi surface

Scanning-tunnelling technique adapted to map bulk electrons

Do you have an eye for entanglement?

Proposed experiment could let humans directly see entangled photons

Nanoscale friction: thinking big helps

Size may not matter when it comes to friction

Desert mechanics

Physicists propose mechanism for giant sand dune formation and distribution

Saw-toothed sapphire helps build polymer arrays

Self assembly produces ultra-dense arrays of nanoscale elements over large areas

NASA’s carbon-dioxide mission fails

$270m Orbiting Carbon Observatory lost in Pacific Ocean

Rethinking MRI scans

New magnetic resonance imaging technique could lead to patient-friendly scans

New technique to tackle nuclear waste

Novel fusion reactor design paves the way to destroy ‘transuranic’ elements

Nanoelectronics made easy

New technique makes transistors that approach the atomic scale

Jupiter pips Saturn for new space mission

US and Europe agree joint Jovian probes for launch in 2020

Detecting colour on the nanoscale

Nanotube-based devices mimic human vision

Evidence mounts for axion-like particles

Are 'luminosity relations' a key piece in an intergalactic puzzle?

Big gains for physics as Obama signs stimulus bill

More than $10bn will go towards funding physical-science projects

Laser captures photosynthesis in action

New method shines a light on energy transfer

Type-1.5 superconductor shows its stripes

Could strange vortex patterns reveal two superfluids?

Harder than diamond?

Two minerals could be more dent-resistant than diamond

Nano-imprinting breaks the mould

Patterned metals could boost data-storage densities

New light on Moon’s far side

SELENE mission gives the best views yet of the unseen face

Tuning up for teleportation

Physicists control entanglement in new quantum memory system

Bouncing atoms take a measure of gravity

New experiment could be used as a precise accelerometer

Top scientists join Hawking at Perimeter Institute

Leonard Susskind among nine new researchers at Canadian centre

Chameleon particle blends into the background

Fermilab experiment puts limit on dark-energy candidate

LHC’s biggest collisions on hold until after 2010

CERN announces accelerator’s restart schedule

Moth eyes inspire more efficient solar cell

Anti-reflective coating based on natural metamaterial

Entanglement goes mechanical

Charting the boundary between the quantum and classical worlds

Bringing exoplanets into sharper focus

New technique could vitalize the search for Earth-like planets

PAMELA paper dampens dark-matter claim

Antiparticle mystery continues

Polarized electrons pumped at GHz frequencies

Magnetic field boosts electron-pump precision

Astronomers find 'super Earth'

Rocky exoplanet is the smallest found so far

Doppler effect reversed by metamaterial

New material could lead to acoustic cloaking, say researchers

Axions hint at a return

Theoretical particles could explain why certain cosmic rays reach Earth