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News: March 2009

Seeing inside living bodies with nanoparticles

New imaging technique yields 3D, real-time footage

World’s biggest laser powers up

Fusion facility completed in California

Flu fighters use the Web to track virus

Project aims to pin down the spread of flu

New technique boosts NMR sensitivity 1000-fold

Spin-transfer using "hyperpolarization" could lead to faster, more precise MRI scans

China experiments with solar-thermal power

1.5 MW facility will be built outside Beijing

Dangled DNA reads genetic code

Identifying DNA using a scanning tunnelling microscope

Do cosmic rays destroy the ozone layer?

New data support alternative process, says physicist

Graphene works as a frequency multiplier

Wonder material could give high-speed electronics a boost

Nanotubes flex their muscles

Artificial muscle pulled from CNT array

US energy boss reveals $1.2bn spending plans

Steven Chu names national labs and clean energy as big winners of stimulus package

Technique to mass produce metamaterials

Silver nanowires negatively refract visible light

Seeing chemicals at the nanoscale

Synchrotron radiation and microscopy combine to reveal chemical identities

Gravity probe blasts off

€350m craft to provide high-resolution map of Earth’s gravitational field

Physicist bags Templeton prize

Bernard d’Espagnat awarded for his work on the foundation of quantum mechanics

TEAM sees crystals smaller and clearer

Berkeley researchers revamp their transmission electron microscope

Battery charges in a hurry

New battery could speed up hybrid cars

Quantum friction: does it exist after all?

New calculations suggest no lateral force between moving plates in a vacuum

US pays price for $500m budget blunder

Carbon-capture demonstration plant was cancelled due to miscalculation

Molecular junctions make a switch

Study sheds light on tunnelling

Double graphene coat is slippery stuff

Two layers of carbon atoms could reduce wear and tear in tiny machines

Top result for Tevatron

Sightings of singly produced top quarks will help in the hunt for the Higgs boson

Kepler mission set for blast-off

$590m craft targets 100,000 stars in search for Earth-like planets

Supernovae recorded in the Antarctic ice

Nitrate levels in ice holds information about historic astronomical events

NASA missions: late and expensive

Report finds bulk of projects delayed or over budget

Lasers take a measure of halo nucleus

Frequency-comb and clever calculations pin down nuclear radius

CERN hold-up hurts graduate students

Delayed LHC leaves some students without data for theses

Power source from human vibrations

Energy “harvesting” from the body could power new types of medical sensor

Nanotubes wreak havoc with heat

Electrons flowing in 1D structures dissipate energy in strange ways