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Watch the video, Introduction to Virtual NanoLab as GUI for VASP

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In this video you will learn how to create POSCAR files in Virtual NanoLab and how to create input files for VASP calculations using the VASP Scripter of Virtual NanoLab.

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News: April 2009

New camera 1000 times faster than competitors

Optics breakthrough could bring dynamical physics into focus

Supersolids seen in new light

Theory tips atomic vacancies, while experiment points to ‘superglass’ behaviour

Fledgling graphene circuit performs basic logic

Physicists take a step closer to carbon-based electronics

Accelerator lab targets medical isotopes

TRIUMF joins forces with MDS Nordion to study new molybdenum–99 production technique

Invisibility cloaks go optical

‘Carpet cloak’ shrouds objects from red light, claim researchers

Obama outlines science vision

US president commits to raising R&D spending

Multipolar dance could flip Earth’s magnetic field

Geomagnetic field reduced to a set of simple equations

Telescope hunts for cosmic explosions

MAGIC-II celebrates first light in Canary Islands

Metals toughen spider’s silk

Discovery could lead to stronger natural and artificial materials

Particulate pollution cuts carbon dioxide, model shows

Aerosols boost photosynthesis and increase carbon sink by almost 25%

Dark matter could come naturally from quantum gravity

Physicist looks at ‘effective field theory’ to explain the mysterious entity

Neutron-rich and doubly magic: nucleus is a first

Oxygen isotope could shed light on stellar nucleosynthesis

Bubbles burst in the hospital

New sensor to monitor sterilization in hospitals

World’s brightest synchrotron powers up

Over 2000 scientists per year will use the new Hamburg facility

Physicists distinguish between the indistinguishable

Understanding why ultracold fermions collide could improve atomic clocks

Bouncing spins flip direction

Controlling spins without an oscillating field

Ions keep their cool at crossroads

New junction could lead to large-scale quantum computers

Graphene made easy

New technique produces large-area, high-quality samples of wonder material

Curved light bends the rules

Plasma filaments could lead to new spectroscopic tool

Metamaterial focuses ultrasound

Negative refraction could improve ultrasound imaging

Atomic quartets spotted in ultracold gas

Four-body states were there all along

DNA walks the line

Coordinated motion could drive molecular machinery

Gauging the matter-antimatter divide

Extend of CP violation is 'typical', say theorists

Physicists have another go at Maxwell’s demon

'Trapdoor' for atoms created using lasers

Algorithm discovers physical laws

Physicists show how scientific discovery can be partially automated

Keeping carbon out of sight but not out of mind

Water absorbs the bulk of CO2 in gas wells, say researchers

It’s all over for Clover

UK pulls plug on telescope to detect gravitational waves

Symmetry boosts spin’s lifetime

Physicists tune quantum well for spintronics