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News: August 2009

Breath-testing for cancer using gold

Electric response of nanoparticles reveals cancerous compounds

Plasmonic laser puts the squeeze on light

US researchers claim world's smallest semiconductor laser

Is 'hot Jupiter' too close for comfort?

Exoplanet perplexes astronomers

Engineers call for 'artificial trees' to reduce CO2

100,000 such trees could remove all the UK's transport emissions

Molecules revealed in all their glory by microscope

Modified form of atomic force microscopy gives chemical signature of molecules

'Gigantic jets' caught on camera

Rare phenomenon of 'upward' lightning quantified by US researchers

Arm dentists with lasers, urge researchers

New dental technique can assess mineral content in teeth

DNA scaffolds could make nano-circuits

New 'DNA origami' technique could boost electronics

Metamaterials learn to remember

First 'memory metamaterials' allow for easy tuning

Producing tiny inorganic LEDs in bulk

Novel printing process could boost inorganic LED industry

Cloud watching goes hi-tech

New device could reveal cloud structure in unprecedented detail

Seeing quantum effects on a big scale

Researchers propose way to couple a single atom to a mechanical oscillator

Making graphene in a flash

A common camera flashbulb can turn graphite oxide into graphene

Neutrino trigger could reveal gravitational waves

Existing detectors could score the first measurement

Friction keeps molecular motors on track

Biophysicists gain a better understanding of motion in living cells

Don’t fret over the phase problem

Proposed X-ray diffraction technique could unambiguously determine the structure of solids

Tiny device is first complete 'quantum computer'

NIST researchers demonstrate sustained quantum computing in trapped ions

Excess positrons are linked to Geminga pulsar

Dark-matter hope continues to fade

New form of carbon created

Researchers claim multilayer epitaxial graphene could be used for application in carbon electronics

Soap films burst like flapping flags

High-speed photography reveals how punctures expand in soap films

Exposing the flaw in Planck’s law

A novel cantilever uncovers a tremendous hike in radiation transfer at the nanoscale

DNA twists and bends on demand

Building block of life can be transformed into curved shapes for building nanoscale devices

Parity violation in ytterbium is largest ever seen

Berkeley physicists boost parity violation to explore weak force