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Learn about the MeasureReady™ 155 Precision I/V Source. As easy to use as a smartphone, it offers premium performance for researchers requiring a precise, low-noise source of current or voltage in the lab, and provides a solid foundation for users performing I-V curve, Hall effect, resistance and other material measurements.

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News: December 2010

Best of the blog

The bizarre stories from the world of physics in 2010

Our favourite pictures of 2010

From a nanometre sized Matterhorn to a new 'face of God'

Look ahead to 2011

Space missions provided a whole host of data in 2010. That looks set to continue next year

Top 10 books for 2010

Physics World unveils its choices for top physics books of the year

Physics World reveals its top 10 breakthroughs for 2010

Research on antihydrogen wins the top gong

Semiconductor memory stores spins

Technique could play a part in spintronic data processing

X-ray vision tracks lightning bursts

Researchers are first to see X-rays spew out of lightning bolts

NASA spies storm stretching across the Sun

Solar Dynamics Observatory reveals a connected solar surface

Quantum theory survives latest challenge

Entanglement still defies classical explanation

How to walk through walls

Illusion optics creates invisible gateway

Nuclear reaction defies expectations

Unusual form of fission leaves theorists scratching their heads

CERN moves closer to antihydrogen spectroscopy

New trap puts physicists on cusp of revealing antimatter's fine structure

'Medusa front' spotted in nanobatteries

High-resolution images reveal how lithium-ion devices function

Cosmic dark ages brought to light

Low-budget radio antenna offers window on first structures in the universe

Mission overshoots Venus orbit

Astronomers will now have to wait over six years before craft returns

Quark–gluon mania returns to CERN

LHC ends 2010 run on a high, but understanding its latest data is only beginning

Medical isotope shortages could become commonplace

Nuclear Energy Agency report warns of processing bottlenecks

Secret of diamond polishing revealed

Physicists explain the ancient process of diamond grinding

Nanotube rubber stays stretchy at extreme temperatures

New material is stable from –196 °C to 1000 °C

Spin ices slip into ground state

System analogous to water ice could lead to better data storage

Super-Earth's atmosphere comes into view

Exoplanet could be shrouded in clouds

Questions raised about giant piezoresistance

Researchers dispute effect observed in 2006