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News: March 2010

Spin-squeezed atoms boost interferometry

Entangled atoms beat classical limit

Graphene photodetector is a first

IBM team makes ultrafast device from 'wonder material'

UK synchrotron secures ¬£110 m upgrade

Diamond light source to build 10 new experimental beamlines

Spin-out puts new spin on wind energy

Undersea balloons could store energy from huge turbines

CERN achieves 7 TeV collisions at Large Hadron Collider

Celebrations as collider passes major milestone

Graphene-oxide framework packs in hydrogen

New material could be used for gas storage

Locks and keys build tiny structures

Flexible bonds could be used in 'nanomachines'

UK launches space agency

Science minister Paul Drayson says that the space industry could be worth £40bn and create 100,000 jobs in 20 years' time

LHC physics programme set to launch 30 March

First collisions at 7 TeV in the Large Hadron Collider

Spiders' super-strong silk relies on its crystals

Findings could lead to arachnid-inspired materials

3D invisibility cloak unveiled

Researchers hide a tiny bump from near-infrared light

'Standard candle' flickers too brightly

Researchers identify a potential flaw in the evidence for dark energy

Quantum effect spotted in a visible object

An important step towards testing Schrödinger's cat paradox

A radon detector for earthquake prediction

Nobel laureate adapts his famous detector design for earthquake science

Top South African astronomer reinstated

Phil Charles cleared of sharing astronomy plans with fellow scientists

Trapped ions go for a quantum walk

Longest quantum walk to date could lead to computing applications

Mysterious 'dark flow' at the edge of the universe

Could one of the universe's siblings be tugging at its sleeves?

Enter the 'thermopower wave'

New way of generating electricity could lead to batteries to power nanotechnology

Borexino bags geoneutrinos

Neutrinos produced within Earth are detected in underground lab

Concerns raised over Institute of Physics climate submission

Institute faces criticism over its evidence to UK parliamentary inquiry on climate change

Electrical signals transmitted via spin waves

Insulator-based 'spin wiring' could boost spintronics

Galaxy study backs general relativity

Future is bright for the dark sector

UK science risks relegation, warns Royal Society

"Decades of slow economic decline" predicted unless investment in science increases

Earth's magnetic field older than we thought

But it offered little defence against a young, aggressive Sun

RHIC nets strange antimatter

First antihypertriton detected at US lab

Superconductors could simulate the brain

Josephson junctions would allow rapid simulation of brain functions

UK physicists welcome research council reforms

Science minister Lord Drayson announces changes to the Science and Technology Facilities Council

Avalanche photodetector breaks speed record

New design could lead to optical computers

Hydrocarbon superconductor is a first

Critical temperature of 18K is reached

Martian grains keep on bouncing

'Hysteresis' keeps sand moving on Mars

Junctionless transistor makes its debut

First proposed in 1925, device could revolutionize electronics