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Learn about the 8600 Series VSMs, which combine high sensitivity, rapid measurement speed and simple operation in a system capable of characterizing a broad range of materials with unprecedented ease – particularly when performing FORC measurements or measuring low-moment materials.

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News: May 2010

Plan for 'nuclear clock' unveiled

Solid-state system could be far simpler than atomic clocks

Short-lived tin is doubly magic

Flipping standard protocol reveals doubly magic nuclei number seven

Eyjafjallajökull's plume is electrified

Charged ash could be easier to spot

NASA probe spots huge plasma ejections

Material shoots out over halfway across the Sun's face

Supermassive black holes reveal a surprising clue

Correlation to globular clusters came 'out of thin air'

Breakthrough in the matter–antimatter divide

D0 experiment spots CP violation at levels beyond the Standard Model

Lasers make measurement Einstein called 'impossible'

Physicists watch Brownian particles move on the shortest timescales

Japan launches mission to Venus

Akatsuki craft set to measure the climate on our near-neighbour

Quantum cryptography system hacked

But manufacturer says its clients need not fear

Top US scientists warn Congress on the dangers of climate change

National Research Council gives its take on the state of US climate science

Party politics crush US science spending bill

Act to double the budget of government science agencies fails to pass by a dozen votes

Producing novel semiconductors en masse

Printing technique handles compound semiconductors with care

Records reveal robust ocean warming

Scientists reduce uncertainty in crucial climate record

Spotting explosives with a puff of air

Novel spectrometry technique for airport scanners

'Pushy' electrons move atoms

Force measurements could lead to better nanowires

It’s high-NOON for five photons

Entanglement technique could boost quantum metrology

NASA's crumbling research labs could risk future missions

Report warns that funding is needed to stem decline

DNA robots move with purpose

Manmade walkers and spiders follow the rules

'Few-layer' graphene keeps its cool

Carbon multi-layers could chill chips

Dungeons and Dragons dice pack densely

Investigating the packing properties of tetrahedra

Earth's magnetic field gathers momentum

Simulations explain how torsion is transferred through the Earth's core

Ultracold dipoles are under control

Long-range interactions are a first

Herschel sheds light on star and galaxy formation

Images from European space telescope reveal billowing clouds and distant galaxies

Dark matter 'no result' comes under fire

Researchers call on XENON collaboration to retract preprint

Saudi Arabia to create renewable energy 'city'

King Abdullah considers the future of his country beyond oil

Bacteria band together to beat the system

E. coli join forces to pass through a ratchet

Physicists study how moral behaviour evolved

Model describes the emergence of morality in a hostile world

Making rain with lasers

Ultra-intense laser beam found to induce cloud formation