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In this video you will learn how to create POSCAR files in Virtual NanoLab and how to create input files for VASP calculations using the VASP Scripter of Virtual NanoLab.

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News: July 2010

Cities may be attracting hurricanes

Modelling shows that a built-up coast can alter the path of tropical cyclones

A global map of forest heights

US researcher sees the wood for its trees

Mobile electrons spotted on topological insulator

Experiment confirms high surface conductivity

'Straintronics' debuts in graphene

'Wonder material' has yet another wondrous property

Rolling rubber bands stretch students

Tumbling ribbons have surprising shapes

Fermilab homes in on Higgs mass

Higgs likely lighter, and more elusive

Getting beneath Mona Lisa's skin

Explaining how Leonardo created such naturalistic paintings

Gamma-ray burst could kill off ocean life

Destruction would have profound effect on climate

Quantum theory survives its latest ordeal

Triple-slit experiment fails to crack quantum gravity

New technique opens a gap in graphene

Nanoribbons have armchair edges

Graphene could revolutionize DNA sequencing

Technique no longer requires blasting DNA into pieces

Nanofibres power portable electronics

Tiny generator could be used in medical implants

Fibres form all-in-one speaker and microphone

Novel materials could be woven into 'smart clothes' that pick up sound

IPCC warns its scientists to avoid the media

Letter of caution provokes mixed reaction among IPCC working-group scientists

Inquiry relights tensions in South African astronomy

But there is confusion over what the inquiry will investigate

Geologists map likely location of diamonds

Diamond hunters should focus on more specific areas, say researchers

Topological electrons reach the next step

High surface conductivity endures despite defects

Huge telescope will struggle to find extraterrestrial life

Advanced civilizations could be too quiet

Graphene soaks up arsenic

'Wonder material' could help purify water

X-rays reveal origin of Dead Sea Scroll

Nuclear technique shows that scroll was made close to where it was found

Canada aids search for the African Einstein

Government pledges money to create a network of African science centres

Proton is smaller than we thought

New measurement of proton size puts old theory on trial

Efficient nano motor cleverly harnesses light

New devices can be driven by any simple light source

Birds flock with scale invariance

Scientists ponder the statistical mechanics of the Roman sky

US physicists call for change in nuclear licensing

American Physical Society says current rules will increase the risk of nuclear proliferation

Planck captures the universe coming to life

Survey shows cosmic background radiation in high resolution

Ultra-precise test confirms photons are bosons

Laser experiment upholds a key principle of modern physics

NASA unveils 'ten cool things' seen by Moon mission

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter celebrates its birthday in pictures