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In this video you will learn how to create POSCAR files in Virtual NanoLab and how to create input files for VASP calculations using the VASP Scripter of Virtual NanoLab.

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News: August 2010

DNA helps turn graphene into a chemical sensor

New device could act as an electronic 'nose'

Pushy hydrogen boosts molecular microscopy

Physicists explain scanning-tunnelling microscope mystery

CERN faces €250m budget cuts

Particle-physics lab insists cuts will not affect Large Hadron Collider

Supermassive black holes spawned by galactic merger

Model explains how these galactic monsters formed in the early universe

Solar system older than we thought

Meteorite hints at alternative beginning for the solar system

Antenna directs light at the nanoscale

Researchers in Spain rapidly develop promising new nanotechnology

Astronomers discover the Moon is shrinking

Contraction of the Moon's core creates geological surface features

'Quantum simulators' revealed in fresh detail

Researchers locate individual particles in an optical lattice

Controlling heart beats with lasers

Bird heart experiment brings optical pacemakers a step closer

Shining a light on diabetes

New blood glucose sensor set to make finger-pricking a thing of the past

Nicola Cabibbo: 1935–2010

Particle theorist's work led to breakthroughs in weak force interactions

Drab butterfly reveals its hidden colours

Optical effect that could lead to novel colour-changing surfaces

US astronomers unveil 10-year plan

Dark energy missions among top priorities

Fractals boost superconductivity

High-temperature superconductor seems to thrive on its fractal structure

Electrons caught moving on the edge

Breakthrough that could enable physicists to regulate photosynthesis

Terahertz scanning acquires sense of direction

Metamaterial device could boost airport security

Supernova ejects material asymmetrically

Very Large Telescope views star's death in 3D

Dirac's birthday medal awarded to weak-force pioneers

$5000 prizes for Nicola Cabbibo and George Sudarshan 'long overdue', says ICTP chief

Squeezing more out of solar power

New technology promises to use the Sun's heat, as well as its light

Scientists cast a fly's eye

New technique mimics insect corneas

Fluorescent dye boosts metamaterial performance

Active layer solves absorption problem

Writing nanopatterns with light

New lithography technique is fast and accurate

Search for Martian life tools up

First ExoMars spacecraft will focus on methane

Silicon melts in reverse

Thermodynamic quirk could benefit semiconductor industry