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News: January 2011

LHC will run at 7 TeV in 2012

Collider upgrade postponed until 2013

Tiny water hammers bash blades

Researchers investigate how water droplets bring inefficiency to turbines

Physicists create 'backward laser'

Device could monitor pollutants and explosives, say researchers

Strain and spin could drive ultralow energy computers

Nanomagnet circuits could be used in implantable medical devices

Nanoparticles boost thermoelectric efficiency

New nanocomposite material could recover energy from car exhausts

Holographic video comes up to speed

The highest frame rate yet for dynamic holograms

Physicists assemble spin ensemble

Dream of silicon-based quantum computing one step closer

Physicists craft Luneburg lens from silicon

New device could benefit optical communications

Sun provides Earth with less energy than we thought

But the implication for Earth's climate is far from clear-cut

Water isomers separated by spin

New technique could lead to ultra-sensitive NMR

Single molecules probe tiny hotspots

Super-resolution microscope sees structures as small as 15 nm

US university settles religious discrimination case

Astrophysicist Martin Gaskell paid $125,000 in out-of-court settlement

Cylinders of silence cloak in 2D

New acoustic metamaterial could hide objects from sonar

Life's asymmetry may come from space

Experiments show how the 'handedness' of biology could have astrophysical origins

Heat engine may be world's smallest

Device made from piezoresistive silicon could form tiny watch mechanism

Electron beams do the twist

Helical waves could improve TEM resolution

Tevatron still churning out exciting physics

Anomaly seen in production of top-quark pairs

Astronomers say goodbye to the 'millicrab'

Crab Nebula no longer the constant source of X-rays it was supposed to be

Gulf Stream edging northwards along Canadian coast

But implications for this important fishing area are still uncertain

Quantum communications boosted by solid memory devices

Researchers demonstrate the basics of quantum memories

Planck discoveries run hot and cold

Early results focus on astrophysics

Tevatron reaches the end of the road

US Department of Energy rejects plan to extend Tevatron operations until 2014

Kepler bags first rocky exoplanet

Fiery world unlikely to harbour life

Dwarf galaxy solves supermassive mystery

Astronomers suspect supermassive black holes can form before the galaxies in which they are contained

Racetrack memory nears the finish line

Magnetic nanowires could be used as high-density storage devices

Carbon nanotubes spin a yarn

Materials are lightweight, yet stronger than steel

Nobel Foundation stays firm on symposium cancellation

Speaker row scuppers three-day meeting

Thunder storm radiation amazes physicists

Italy's AGILE mission monitors gamma rays from thunderclouds

Physicists find new clue in coronal heating mystery

Plasma jets could be boosting temperatures

Italy approves SuperB particle collider

New €500m experiment will study antimatter and produce synchrotron light

3D magnetic domains imaged for the first time

Neutron tomography resolves century-old problem

Watching atoms at graphene's edge

New spectroscopy technique could lead to better nanoelectronics

Invisibility cloaks shield the large and visible

Carpet cloak could hide cables on the seabed