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News: May 2011

NMR spectroscopy without the 'M'

Researchers do away with the magnets that are usually needed for nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Semiconductor shows its chameleon side

Switching magnetism on and off in titanium dioxide could lead to more efficient memory chips

Tōhoku quake coincided with sky 'anomalies'

Researchers link infrared and ionosphere anomalies to Japan's biggest quake

Nanoantennas target single particles

Device could be used to detect gases such as hydrogen

New technique narrows electron dipole moment

No larger than a 'hair in the solar system'

Astronomers put a new spin on the age of stars

New research will help in the search for exoplanets

Physicists find a new angle on blood spatter

New crime technique could help forensic investigations

Snake venom gets into the groove

Biophysicists reveal how some reptiles deliver a nasty bite

Has Fermi glimpsed dark matter?

New results could confirm positron excess seen by PAMELA

Researchers unveil the Einstein Telescope

The €790m underground observatory will attempt to study the origins of gravitational waves

Unbound planets could abound in the universe

Micro-lensing reveals gas giants drifting in space

Positive feedback boosts eye's ability to see

Researchers discover how we see tiny details

Exoplanet seems right for life…or does it?

Simulations suggest Gliese 581d might have water, clouds and rainfall

Cosmic-ray detector blasts off on Space Shuttle

Nobel laureate's pet project catches final shuttle launch

Evidence that cosmic rays seed clouds

Experiment shows how cosmic rays might seed clouds

Unzipped graphene reveals its secrets

Edge-state study could lead to better nanoelectronics

'Activated' graphite oxide boosts supercapacitors

New form of carbon could aid energy storage

Massive partner flips hot Jupiter

Astronomers explain why some exoplanets orbit in reverse

Quantum-computing firm opens the box

D-Wave reveals that its "quantum annealing" technology works as claimed

Cosmic rays mapped across the southern sky

Hotspots could uncover astrophysical sources including pulsars

Atomic clock is smallest on the market

Tiny device could help disable bombs

Fruit flies 'swim' through the air

Physicists show how flying and swimming could be related

Translucent curtains soak up sound

New lightweight material can help reduce noise pollution

Willard Boyle: 1924–2011

Nobel-prize-winning physicist and digital-camera pioneer dies at 86

Nanotech industry comes under fire

Researcher questions whether nanoscale components can be mass-produced

Nano-antenna fashions charge from light

New device collects light and converts it into a current

Multiple valleys boost thermoelectric performance

Conversion of heat to electricity is most efficient yet

Antimatter trap tightens its grip

Physicists at the ALPHA experiment hold anitihydrogen in a trap for 16 minutes

STM calculations put atoms in a different light

Simulations better explain microscopy images of carbon nanostructures

Topological insulator becomes insulating at the surface

Insulating state in Bi2Se3 could find applications in spintronics and even quantum computing

Organic transistor targets displays

Nanotube transistor could find use in big-screen TVs