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In this video you will learn how to create POSCAR files in Virtual NanoLab and how to create input files for VASP calculations using the VASP Scripter of Virtual NanoLab.

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News: October 2012

Unexpected 'ridge' seen in CMS collision data again

"Ridge" could be theoretical form of matter known as a "colour glass condensate"

Physicists detect malaria using light and magnets

New method is inexpensive, highly sensitive and portable

New formula explains the dynamics of fractal growth over time

Equation can be applied from nano to macro scales

Bacteria 'wires' conduct electrons over centimetre distances

Tiny filaments allow micro-organisms to flourish without oxygen

Physicists entangle 100,000 photons

Squeezed-vacuum states could boost quantum cryptography

Physicists show bias against female job applicants

Men are offered higher salaries in hiring study

Silvery fish fool predators with their skin

Biological cloaking could be applied to optical devices

Guilty verdict for Italian earthquake scientists

Committee issued false reassurances, says court

Chip puts a twist on light

Optical vortices from tiny devices could boost quantum computers

Nanolayers make a coating of many colours

Semiconductor film changes hue with thickness

Negative friction surprises researchers

Force increases with decreasing load

Solar wind most likely source of water on the Moon

Lunar water reserve could even be used as rocket fuel

Moses Chan backtracks on search for supersolids

Mundane effect misinterpreted as new phase of matter

Gossamer 'nanoweb' blocks light

Counterintuitive result might lead to new optical devices

Meteorite points to asteroid Vesta's dynamo

Magnetic field could shield Vesta from solar wind

Carbon dioxide 'corrodes' ice, say scientists

Rising greenhouse-gas concentrations could make glaciers more likely to crack

A Casimir force for life

Long-range forces might allow proteins to communicate

Quantum-control pioneers bag 2012 Nobel Prize for Physics

Serge Haroche and David Wineland share SEK 8m prize

The hue of alien Earths

Researchers link the colours of exoplanets to the chances of them harbouring life

Graphene tunnel barrier makes its debut

Spintronics could benefit from wonder material

Tiny spheres simulate crystal melting

Heating a crystal from within opens a new window on phase transitions

Star seen whizzing around supermassive black hole

Discovery could provide test of general relativity

New theory describes ultrathin solar cells

Calculations reveal trade-off between absorption and emission

New cloak promises to be invisible to electrons

Device would be invisible to electrons

Dark-matter alternative tackles elliptical galaxies

MOND succeeds in describing galactic mergers