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Electronic recordkeeping in radiation oncology

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The Lake Shore Model 372 AC resistance bridge/temperature controller makes it easy to perform multiple tasks that were once very difficult to perform reliably at very low temperatures.

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News: December 2012

What's in store for 2013?

Celebrate the turn of the year with our predictions of the key physics events of the next 12 months

Our favourite pictures of 2012

From bio-engineered jellyfish and levitating drops to lunar landscapes

Physics World's 2012 Book of the Year

An entertaining tale of how an oddball group of physicists revived interest in quantum fundamentals wins this year's top honour

Multimedia highlights of 2012

From the fault lines of San Francisco to the insane traffic of Mumbai

Physics World reveals its top 10 breakthroughs for 2012

ATLAS and CMS take top gong for Higgs-like discovery

Mesons measure collision temperatures

Quark–gluon plasma probed at CMS

Magnetic metamaterials could boost wireless energy transmission

Transformation optics concentrates magnetic energy

Higgs hunters and Stephen Hawking bag new $3m prizes

Russian entrepreneur Yuri Milner splashes cash on fundamental physics

Flexible graphene transistor sets new records

State-of-the-art device has unprecedented electronic and mechanical properties

Laser pulse makes insulator conduct like a metal

Ultrafast switching could lead to faster circuits

GRAIL mission peers beneath the Moon's fractured surface

Map of lunar gravity sheds light on early solar system

Ancient gas sheds light on universe's first billion years

Quasar light probes era when first stars switched on

Semiconductor funnel could boost solar cells

Band-gap engineering increases photon absorption

Virtual phonons get real

Dynamical Casimir effect spotted in ultracold gas