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Learn about the 8600 Series VSMs, which combine high sensitivity, rapid measurement speed and simple operation in a system capable of characterizing a broad range of materials with unprecedented ease – particularly when performing FORC measurements or measuring low-moment materials.

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News: June 2012

Privately funded spacecraft will look for dangerous asteroids

B612 Foundation wants to protect humanity from deadly collisions

Super-tornadoes spotted in the Sun

Giant swirls of gas could explain why the corona is so hot

Graphene drumheads double as quantum dots

Strain alters the electronic properties of carbon-based material

Hydrogel electronics makes its debut

Nanostructured gel could lead to better sensors and supercapacitors

Putting a new twist on optical communications

Orbital angular momentum boosts data transmission

Frequency comb helps kill dangerous bacteria

Spectroscopy technique monitors decontamination

Plasmons spotted in graphene

Gate-controlled devices could act as optical switches

Gigapixel camera pushes resolution limit

Camera uses "multiscale" lenses to combat inherent defects

Silicene pops out of the plane

Silicon-based version of graphene could offer greater flexibility

UK should lead on open-access publishing, says report

Research-funding structures must change to adapt to switch from subscription-based journals

Electrons feel the heat in new graphene photodetector

Bolometer could be used in security, medicine and astronomy

Spintronic film senses magnetic fields

Organic sensor can be integrated in a chip

'Seabed carpet' could harness wave energy

Storm-resistant technology should also calm the seas

Phonon theory sheds light on liquid thermodynamics

Physicists dip into old ideas to tackle heat capacity

NuSTAR is in the sky

Successful launch for new high energy X-ray telescope

New tuner could bring terahertz to the masses

CMOS device delivers 10,000 times more power than predecessors

Fused molecules guide magnetic plasmons

Waveguides offer new direction for nanoplasmonics

Solid-state quantum memories set endurance records

New devices may match ions in quantum-memory stakes

Secret of super-power shrimp revealed

Combination of materials gives aquarium-busting strength

Yeast helps physicists forecast population collapse

Warning signs of deadly "tipping points" seen in the lab

'Schrödinger's hat' could spy on quantum particles

Modified invisibility cloak could find use in quantum computers

World set for the 2012 transit of Venus

Ultra-rare astronomical event begins at 2200 h UTC on 5 June and will not be seen again until 2117