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News: August 2012

Geoengineering is 'comparatively inexpensive'

Pumping aerosols into the atmosphere is relatively cheap, say researchers

Infrared and X-ray lasers map chemical bonds

New diffraction technique focuses on valence electrons

Living tissue is laced with electronic sensors

Research could lead to synthetic organs

Nanocrystalline alloys can take the heat

New materials stay strong at high temperatures

Power cell generates and stores energy in one step

Hybrid device could power portable electronics

Pulsar timekeepers measure up to atomic clocks

Stellar timescale could be useful on Earth

Metamaterial switches on to the tune of light

Potential applications include radar and communications

US telescopes faced with closure

Budget constraints threaten six observatories

Integrated quantum chip may help close quantum metrology triangle

Chip can generate discrete quantized voltages

Coated quantum dots make superior solar cells

Record efficiency achieved for CQD photovoltaics

Geologist claims to have found plate tectonics on Mars

"Strike-strip" fault points towards large-scale movements

New form of carbon is so hard it can indent diamond

Novel material consists of amorphous carbon clusters locked into a crystalline lattice

First room-temperature maser developed

Prototype only works at pulsed mode

Colour printing hits ultimate resolution

Disc-over-hole nanoarchitecture creates bright colours

Further proof of extraterrestrial origin of quasicrystals

Discovery could change views on quasicrystal and solar-system formation

Photon shape could be used to encode quantum information

New technique may allow transmission of secure data

India set for Mars mission in 2013

Government approves £70m orbiter to red planet

Condensed-matter trio scoop Dirac prize

Three theorists win Dirac's birthday medal for their work on topological insulators

X-ray spectroscopy detects single atoms

New experiments could open the way to X-ray microscopy of nanostructures

Physicists see hints of Majorana fermions

Evidence spotted in a novel kind of Josephson junction

Physicists unveil plans for 'LEP3' collider at CERN

New collider would study the Higgs boson

Graphene logic for the real world

Devices work in ambient conditions

Can the future affect the past?

"Backward causality" might exist in nature, according to new thought experiment

Ultracold atoms simulate electrical conduction

Ohmic resistance seen for ballistic atoms

Nanowires give vertical transistors a boost

Freestanding structures are made on silicon

Giant carbon-capturing funnels discovered in Southern Ocean

Five 1000 km-wide carbon-sink zones identified