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News: November 2013

Nanomechanical FM transmitter is smallest yet

Graphene oscillator could find use in mobile phones

Solar cells get down to pop music

High-frequency beats could improve cell efficiency

How to watch a Bose–Einstein condensate for a very long time

Active-feedback scheme could preserve fragile state of matter

Does the positron 'excess' really exist?

New theory casts shadow on dark-matter origin of positrons

Physicists ask photons 'Where have you been?'

Bizarre behaviour evokes unconventional interpretation of quantum theory

Viruses breathe new life into batteries

Nanofabrication method is environmentally friendly

Model explains why liquid suspensions suddenly turn solid

New approach combines fluid and granular physics

Physicist and philanthropist Fred Kavli dies at 86

His legacy includes the Kavli Foundation and the $1m Kavli Prize

IceCube finds cosmic neutrinos at the South Pole

Neutrino telescope is the first to probe the distant universe

Oldest minerals from Mars found on Earth

New Martian meteorite sheds light on planet's earliest years

Chaos reigns in unexpected places

New work shows dissipative systems may be chaotic too

NASA launches MAVEN probe to Mars

Mission to study red planet's lost atmosphere

Physicists reveal a quantum Cheshire cat

In the quantum world, a cat and its grin really can be in two different places

Quantum state endures for 39 minutes at room temperature

Solid-state breakthough could lead to quantum money

Search for electron's electric dipole moment narrows

Latest measurement shows no signs of new physics

Thermal technique improves blood-flow measurements

New ultrasound method visualizes slow-flowing blood

Locust eardrum is a tiny frequency analyser

Insect study could lead to better microphones

Unpaired spins make graphene magnetic

Ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic ordering persists above room temperature

Relativity revives quantum secrecy scheme

Physicists create sealed envelope that spans 9000 km

Do cloaked objects shine brightly?

New work suggests most cloaking would make objects more visible

Blue could be the colour for quantum computers

Electrons in dye molecule have surprisingly long decoherence time

Quantum Hall effect created using light

Lattice of waveguides provides topological protection

Comprehensive study shows cosmic rays are not causing global warming

Little correlation is found between cosmic-ray flux and global climate

India launches first mission to Mars

Probe to arrive at the red planet in 2014

When few become many: forming a Fermi sea

Four fermions suffice in 1D ultracold systems

Uncertainty reigns over Heisenberg's measurement analogy

Physicists ponder quantum pioneer's original intention