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News: February 2013

New radiation ring spotted in Van Allen belt

Temporary but long-lived "storage ring" of electrons seen

Black hole found spinning near the relativistic limit

Astronomers make best measurement yet of black-hole rotation

Polymer capacitor dazzles flash manufacturer

New material leads to better flashes for mobile-phone cameras

Gold nanocages could image and treat tumours

Cerenkov emitters show promise for cancer therapy

Mosh-pit physics could save lives

Simulations of heavy-metal fans could lead to safer public spaces

Search for 'unparticles' focuses on Earth's crust

Evidence for a fifth force could lie beneath our feet

Robert Richardson: 1937–2013

Superfluidity pioneer who shared 1996 Nobel prize dies at 75

Graphene transistors give bioelectronics a boost

Devices could find use in retinal implants

Scientists delve deeper into carbon nanotubes

Technique provides wealth of new information about multi-walled structures

Physicists propose 'wireless' solar cells

Oxide interfaces could boost solar-cell performance

Quantum computers turn mechanical

Qubits might be stored using a tiny piece of vibrating metal

Physicists discover key to ultra-stable bearings

Mass–radius relation for individual discs realized

Supernova origin of galactic cosmic rays confirmed

Characteristic signature of neutral-pion decay spotted

The quantum coin toss

Randomness reflects fundamental uncertainty, not ignorance

Tungstenite triangles emit light

2D material could find applications in lasers and LEDs

Extremely bright supernovae may break the Chandrasekhar limit

High magnetic fields could let white dwarfs get bigger before exploding

Searching for magnetic monopoles in polar rocks

Method advantageous for a range of monopole masses and charges

Physicists extract photons from diamond ring

New device could be used in quantum repeaters

Voltage boosts bubble fluid flow

Effects could have applications in microfluidic systems

Cellular networks could map rainfall patterns

Method could be used for real-time rainfall monitoring

Stored photons interact in atom cloud

Technique could lead to photon logic gates

Steven Chu steps down as US energy secretary

Nobel laureate plans a return to "academic life"

Diamond downsizes classical MRI and NMR

Molecular samples detected and imaged at room temperature