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News: April 2013

ALPHA weighs in on antimatter

CERN seeks answers to question of whether antihydrogen falls up or down

Signs of Anderson localization spotted in 3D optical material

Light-scattering nanowires could boost LEDs and solar cells

Nanowire transistor array as touch-sensitive as human skin

Sensors could be used in robotics and for touch-sensitive electronics

How fat is Schrödinger’s cat?

New scale defines the "macroscopicity" of quantum states

Atomic magnetometer is most sensitive yet

Device does not require shielding from external fields

Third Bell loophole closed for photons

Quantum mechanics triumphs once again

Spin waves carry energy from cold to hot

Curious effect could be put to use in "spin caloritronics"

First light from molybdenite transistors

Atom-thick materials could find use in optoelectronics

Analysing ash flows from volcanic explosions

New model identifies two key effects for ash aggregation

Dark lightning sheds light on gamma-ray mystery

Aircraft passengers could be at risk of radiation exposure

Alice and Bob communicate without transferring a single photon

'Quantum Zeno effect' allows for particle-free transfer

Comparative current measurement more accurate than ever before

New design uses less liquid helium

Silicon atoms seen 'dancing' in graphene

Motion of cluster atoms tracked using electron microscope

Work on whispers gives physicists something to shout about

How the ear responds to very soft sounds

Topological insulator created for light

Surface propagation undeterred by defects

Are there signs of SUSY in Planck data?

Latest cosmic measurements could still offer up supersymmetry

ATRAP nails down the antiproton's magnetic moment

Result is 680 times more precise than previous measurements

New material points quasiparticles in the right direction

Metasurface could be useful for making plasmonic circuits

Quantum signal sent from aircraft

Satellite quantum cryptography possible, say physicists

Dark solitons emerge into the light

"Upside-down" wave created in laboratory tank

AMS confirms positron excess

Results could be a sign of dark-matter annihilation, but more data are needed

Tiny rods and paddle make new thermal sensor

Infrared detector could bring night vision to mobile phones

New class of 'mini supernovae' discovered

White-dwarf companion star might survive subsequent explosion