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News: February 2014

Black hole winds stronger than expected

Research could improve black hole evolution models

Data stored in magnetic holograms

New memory could offer high density and quick access

'Dropleton' quasiparticle makes its debut

Semiconductor excitation behaves like a liquid droplet

Dark field illuminates X-ray imaging

New technique uses discarded X-rays to unmask materials

How to steer a qubit using sideways glances

New technique lifts the lid on Schrödinger's cat

Ordering electron and nuclear spins in quantum wires

Spontaneous magnetic order of spins observed at 0.1 K

New cochlear implant takes the middle road

Low-power microchip would be implanted in the ear

Researchers spin a yarn into a muscle

Everyday polymer fibres used to create artificial muscles

Microscope exploits spooky action at a distance

Entangled photons allow higher-contrast microscopy

Could sterile neutrinos solve the cosmological mass conundrum?

Researchers place bounds on sterile-neutrino mass

Graphene oxide makes perfect sieve

Membranes could be ideal in water filtration and desalination technologies

Italian Space Agency chief Enrico Saggese quits in wake of investigation

Lavish travel and financial irregularities probed by prosecutors

Jade Rabbit wakes up from lunar sleep

Mission control still working to fix "control abnormalities"

Electron coincidence spectroscopy arrives on the bench top

Surface science technique no longer needs a synchrotron

Laser fusion passes milestone

National Ignition Facility gets more energy out than it puts in

Powerful fibre laser is cheap and compact

Mid-infrared light source could have medical applications

Electronic whiskers could help robots navigate

Life-like structures can detect a gentle breeze

Pyramid powers polarizing light source using quantum dots

Method could be used to develop energy-saving LCD screens and for quantum cryptography

Heat cloaks hide objects in 3D

Thin layers steer heat around large objects

Ballistic electrons go further in nanoribbons

Puzzling results challenge conventional model of graphene

CERN kicks off plans for LHC successor

Some 300 physicists and engineers meet to discuss options

Does boron-based graphene exist?

Experiment says maybe, computer says no

Room-temperature quantum dots emit single photons

Nanocrystals might be ideal for future quantum-information processors

Physicists work out why wet skin wrinkles

Lattice of springy filaments soaks up water