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In this video you will learn how to create POSCAR files in Virtual NanoLab and how to create input files for VASP calculations using the VASP Scripter of Virtual NanoLab.

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News: November 2015

Quantum-dot films convert infrared photons into visible light

New material could lead to better solar cells and cameras

New high-capacity battery goes with the flow

Redox-flow batteries could store excess energy in electrical grids

UK science funding protected from cuts

£4.7bn science budget will increase with inflation until 2020

How to make better dental fillings last longer

Neutrons and terahertz radiation used to track ions as dental cement hardens

Physicists entangle qubits in a semiconductor at room temperature

In addition to quantum-computing applications, the system could be used as an in vivo biological sensor

Cyborg roses become transistors and logic gates

Conductive polymer turns living plants into electronic devices

Satellite sensor unexpectedly detects waves in upper atmosphere

Observations reveal secrets of atmospheric circulation and gravitational disturbances

Quantum fingerprint is impossible to replicate

Manufacturing shortcoming is turned into a security opportunity

All-optical technique shines a light on electronic band structure

Ultrafast measurement does not require ultrahigh-vacuum conditions

Revealing the hidden connection between pi and Bohr's hydrogen model

Pre-Newtonian derivation of pi found while calculating hydrogen atom's energy levels

Arecibo Observatory faces uncertain future as boss quits

Robert Kerr resigns following clash over funding historic facility in Puerto Rico

Astronomers gaze upon the oldest stars in the galaxy

Ancient metal-poor stars finally spotted in galactic centre

Physicists put the arrow of time under a quantum microscope

Entropy caused by quantum fluctuations measured at the molecular level

Gran Sasso steps up the hunt for missing particles

Physicists switch on XENON1T and CUORE experiments

Physicists send X-rays around the bend

Curved waveguides might improve imaging and data processing

Graphene paper goes for a stroll

Origami-inspired structures "self-fold" in response to heat or light

Mysterious dust and diffuse aurorae envelop the red planet

MAVEN spacecraft spots tiny particles surrounding Mars that could have an interplanetary origin

Strong interaction between antiprotons is measured for the first time

"Unsurprising" results back up CPT symmetry

Bouncing droplets powered by evaporation

Trampoline effect could lead to self-cleaning surfaces

Balloon bursts approach the speed of sound

Energy is released by creating increasing numbers of tears in a balloon's fabric

Portable brain scanner allows PET in motion

Scanner records high-resolution images of structures deep within the brain