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News: December 2001

Highlights of the year

PhysicsWeb selects ten success stories from 2001

Leading neutron lab appoints new director

Institut Laue Langevin names British physicist as its next director

CERN to find funds for costly collider

Lab bosses approve economy drive to help pay for the next-generation Large Hadron Collider

Uncertainty over muon result

An algebraic error casts doubt on evidence for new particles

UK research hits new heights

The 2001 research-assessment exercise shows a sharp rise in the quality of UK physics

Single-photon machine gears up

A semiconductor device that emits one photon at a time could pave the way for quantum encryption

Random laser feels the heat

The spectrum of light from a new laser can be tuned by adjusting its temperature

A new twist for stellar magnetism

The complex spin of a sun-like star lends weight to astronomical theories

‘Microlens’ could bring dark matter into focus

A nearby white dwarf behaving as a lens could help to explain the nature of dark matter

Solar cell edges towards endless energy

A new semiconductor uses visible light to extract 'clean' hydrogen fuel from water

Ice crystals pull together

Avalanche defence and ski safety could benefit from the discovery of a new structural feature in packed snow